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Is business website necessary?
December 12, 2017
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January 9, 2018
if you don’t have a website, you’re losing business to other companies that do.

Have you ever wondered why Apple, Samsung, Sony and other big MNCs companies need a website? They could certainly do without one as their business comes from their long established branding and products. However, would you give it a second thought if these companies do not have a website? And how would you know if there is a upcoming iPhone X or Samsung S9?



About 50% of Singapore’s businesses still do not have a website, for various reasons. However, given that everyone is so reliant on the internet whenever they require something, most people will google search the product they are interested in, and above 70% of people do not go past the first page of google search result.


If i am looking for a service (for example engineering services), i would be more inclined to go towards one with a website as it is a form of company’s image and i can look through what they have to offer. This is particularly important for businesses as they have new projects and products to add in periodically. Furthermore, you would want to let as many people know about a newly launched products / services that you have to offer, right?


Worldwide Market

If you are expecting international businesses, or clients to be working with you, or partnering with you, it would be important to have a website for them to go too, before they come for a visit. This would also in turn boost their trust and confidence in the company.


Better customer support & response

Be ready to serve your customer’s enquiry 24/7 and they would be pleased with your customer services. With limited time on hand a day, you would want to handle most of your client’s enquiry through a FAQ and reduce the amount of time answering enquiries on the phone.

Make your company’s service/product widely accessible

If you have a nice and innovative product that is very suitable for overseas market, you can’t possibly be producing it before bringing over to the country and see if it works. Instead, let the internet work for you by targeting the visitors there and get prompted for a response on your product.

24/7 business as your website is never down

Round the clock, especially for countries in the opposite side of the world, you have your services and products easily accessible when someone wants to look for it. You will never know when someone wants to look for your services.

In line with government assistance scheme for SMEs to go digital

After attending a few of IMDA’s talk, iTechStudio realised that Singapore’s government is really going for the push towards digitization, especially towards automation and efforts to reduce manpower with greater efficiency and accuracy. We are proud to be of part of the scheme as well and is looking forward to provide Singapore’s businesses with an affordable pricing.

One time cost to start up

Small investment for a much greater returns as it builds overtime. Also utilizes a low overhead to provide a possible high margin/sales derived from the website.

There is much more to creating a website other than these information here. Head over to our  website development page and find out more details on how we provide the services.

If you have read through this article, you will realize that a website is very ideal if you are looking to grow your company and portfolio. Do get in touch with us to let us share with you more about the details and how you can get started now

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