Is business website necessary?

What is next after my website is up
December 12, 2017
Why you should do business online
January 8, 2018

During the recent visits to SMEs, We are frequently asked this questions by business owners. “do i need a website for my business?”

From the business perspective and the upward trend of online marketing, online presence, the simple answer is YES.

To look at it in details and statistic, about 81% of customers research on the company before making a significant sum decision. Without an online presence or a poorly done website, it would portray to the potential client that.

  • This company has not much interest to attract new potential business
  • They are not willing to invest in a proper user experience
  • The company is still relatively new
  • Does not have enough projects/recognition received.
  • And the list goes on…

What we do at iTechStudio is to provide you one of the best adaptable website which is mobile friendly and marketing tools that will be there to stay forever. Instead of getting a certificate that cost thousands, or brochures that would end up in the bin. why not use this amount for a one time investment for something that will reap you much higher gains, and portraying a professional business to potential clients, especially global clients who can reach to you directly.

Do get in touch with us by completing this simple contact form which takes less then 1 mins, and we will make the follow ups hassle free for you.

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