CMS (Content Management System

Does the codes look overwhelming for you?


Gone were the days where a website have to be coded from scratch via HTML, CSS, and Javascript. CMS allows you to make many changes to your web without any basic IT knowledge. Although a simple basic website can be accomplished by yourself if you spend weeks reading through the technical aspects of hosting, domains, emails, APIs and security. You still need to have a professional to manage the rest.

iTechStudio provides exactly this, we ensure that you can better spend your time on more productive stuffs. While we work on customization and manage the technical details for you.

Mobile Responsive


With mobile devices users increasingly exponentially in recent years, The growth of mobile internet usage is also far out pacing desktop usage growth. It is also very common now that anyone in Singapore has more than 1 mobile devices with internet access at any given time.

Hence, with this growth in mobile users surfing the internet, we have to build a Responsive Web Design (RWD) suitable for all shape and screen size. RWD is specifically catered to focus on providing an intuitive experience for everyone, without excessive scrolling, and zooming in and out on the screen.

Our portfolio of websites are all catered towards tablet and mobile responsiveness.

APIs, SEOs & more



Other than providing web design and web development services in Singapore, we also provide –

  • CMS platforms for easy user management
  • eCommerce Site with inventory management, online ordering, secure e-payment, data visualization, customer loyalty capability
  • Mobile, Application Development
  • Keyword research, SEO Optimization
  • PageSpeed Insight

Feel free to browse through our portfolio and drop us an enquiry to get started with your company’s website.

Our Development Process

Design & Development
Secondary Changes

Once a project kick starts, our project management team of website developers and designers are allocated for you. We are very particular about being productive and efficient while producing a great quality services for you. Get in touch with us for any of the services we offer and experience it yourself.

Many people have the misconception that by hiring a website company, they have to put aside a lot of time to get the website up and ready.

In actual fact, when we take up a project with you, you are often given a multiple choice question as we do the brainstorming, and you would only have to choose which suits you the most.

  • Before kick-start of project, we will have a session of Q & A where we understand all about your business and your preference in terms of colors, fonts, layout, pictures, contents etc.
  • During Development, we will fulfill all the criteria listed and arrange another session to edit and make all the necessary changes.
  • Secondary changes will be arranged when things are nearing completion and fine tuned for the details.
  • Just before we hand over, we will sit down for a final session to finalize all the customized changes.
  • In less then 5 hours total time required from you, you have a customized, google searchable website at an affordable price, achieving the best of both world in this fast paced digital industry.