SMEs website development

CMS platforms for easy user management
eCommerce Site
Mobile Responsive
Mobile, Java and C# Application Development
Keyword research, SEO Optimization
PageSpeed Insight

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iTechStudio specializes in website development for SMEs. WIth a strong focus on aesthetic, the quality of the website and the loading index, we aim to help all SMEs have a personalized website.

The most important aspect for your website after it is completed is for your SEO and marketing effort to kick in, in order to bring new visitors to your site and convert views to enquiries.

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Digital marketing

Using a variety of marketing efforts, including Adwords, page optimization, SEO keywords and mobile responsiveness. Coupled with Google’s web analytics and other SEO (Search engine optimization) tools, you will be able to measure the performance of your webpages and fine tune accordingly.

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Server & Infrastructure

Building a customized server enables user control, scalability, high level of access and control, and backups. Coupled with cloud services, it would be a impeccable setup for fast growing companies and SMEs with a handful of staffs to manage.