How to resolve emails being auto deleted on web server

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April 18, 2018
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How to resolve emails being auto deleted on web server

Are you facing an issue that your email are being auto deleted after a period of time, leaving only the recent emails in the web server? (aka the leftover mails which you see when you use web mail).

Do be assured that this is not due to our web server settings, as we have unlimited storage space for you, unless you have specifically set auto deletion into your web mail setting.

What is happening

  1. POP and IMAP setting (layman term).
    1. POP setting: Mails are stored locally on your computer, and is not synchronized with your web server. (Mails are not synchronized , sent item in your third party software will not appear in webserver)
    2. IMAP setting: Mails sent and received are synchronized and sent through your web server. (Mails will be synchronized with the web server all the time)
  2. Most of us check our email through a third party software, for example (Outlook, Windows live, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Netscape mail etc). By default, they will auto delete emails after a set period of time. (Especially if you are using POP setting mentioned above)


  1. iTechStudio recommends you to use IMAP, so that the web server keeps a copy of what you sent, and autodeletion may not be set as default by third party software.
  2. To change the setting on autodeletion, please refer to the link below.
  3. If you have more then 1 computer accessing 1 email address, you have to change the setting for ALL computers, as this setting supersede other settings.


For Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora 6, Thunderbird, Netscape Mail:


For Outlook:


For Window live mail:

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