How Covid-19 crisis has affected the digital transformation around the world

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October 22, 2018
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How Covid-19 crisis has affected the digital transformation around the world

How To Look For New Opportunities After Losing Your Job To Covid-19

No one wants to lose their job without having a substitute source of income for their daily needs. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic cost over 40 million people their jobs leaving them with little to no money to use. The job loss due to Covid restrictions was especially challenging because many people had difficulty getting alternative sources of income. If you’ve been unable to secure a new job since the pandemic started, it will be a good idea to reinvent yourself and learn a new skill. Depending on how fast you can learn, you can get back on your feet in no time. It’s all about knowing how to look for alternatives and take advantage of them. Here are five ways to prepare for new opportunities after losing your job to Covid-19:

1. Don’t Be Sad, You’re Not Alone 

Feeling sad and discouraged after a job loss isn’t unusual. However, try as much as possible not to fall into despair. The job loss was not your fault. You were not fired because you were incompetent or unavailable. It wasn’t because of anything you did or didn’t do. No one would have anticipated that the coronavirus pandemic would crush lives, families, and businesses. You’re not the only one who has been rendered unemployed because of the pandemic. Millions of people have lost their jobs since the pandemic started. If you’re always sad, you’ll eventually fall into depression and you’ll be unable to focus long enough to seize an opportunity. 

2. Hold on to Stimulus Checks While You Wait 

The United States and many other countries have been handing out stimulus checks to unemployed people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. If you’ve lost your source of income because of Covid-19, apply for special pandemic unemployment benefits. The bar for requesting unemployment benefits has been lowered to accommodate more people. About 13 extra weeks have also been added in the wake of the pandemic. The stimulus checks aren’t going to afford you all the luxurious things you could afford in the past but it will take care of your immediate needs. This way, you can settle down and look for an ideal job that matches your skills. 

3. Start Going Through Job Listings 

An opportunity will present itself but you can’t just sit around and hope that a job will drop on your lap. Devote ample time to going through job listings on the Internet and in your area. Any time you find a job that is related to your former employment, apply for it. As long as you have the required experience and qualifications, there is no harm in trying. You might also come across jobs that meet your qualifications but aren’t related to what you’re used to doing. You might just have to make do with what you have until things stabilize.  

4. Learn How to Code 

Coding is all the rage these days. Over the last few decades, coding has become one of the most popular forms of software engineering. You can learn how to code from the comfort of your home. One good website for learning coding is You’ll find a list of courses for coding. If you’re interested in more specific aspects of software engineering, you’ll find some of those on You can learn how to code while you wait for a new job. With luck, you might build such a good career as a coder that you will not need to go back to your former employment. 

5. Develop Your Brand 

The Internet presents people with so many opportunities. It’s not just there for meeting new friends on social media and other personal things. You can use the Internet to build your brand. Start by creating a LinkedIn profile with details about your career life and aspirations. LinkedIn is one of the most reliable places to build your professional profile but you can also use Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram depending on your interests. 

Final Words 

When opportunities present themselves, you need to be ready to take advantage of them. So, while you wait for a new job, devote the extra time you have to personal development. Read books, learn new things, and look for ways to make passive income. You should also use the time to build your network on social media. At the same time, make sure you take care of your health mentally and physically as well.

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