Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine designing, renovating, then opening a shopfront at a corner down the road with little to no human traffic.

SEO works by “shifting” the shopfront gradually to the central of the main traffic for maximum visibility.

SEM works by “placing” an advertisement board to inform visitors that there is a shopfront located at the corner of the road.

There are so many aspects of SEO that it’s not possible to cover them by list. Our internal checklists covers 50 over points to be done on a weekly basis.

We generally cover them by “Keywords”, “Performance”, “Technicality” and “Reporting”. 



Utilizing Google Ads, campaigns will be planned out with keywords, demographics, competitors, etc. prior to launching it with a budget.

Our services involves maximising your ROI by optimizing each keyword, and all aspects within the campaign on a weekly basis.

We also spend time to research and analyse the competitor’s advertisement so you pay less for Cost Per Click (CPC)

Analytics & Data


Coupled with Google’s web analytics and other SEO (Search engine optimization) tools, you will be able to measure the performance of your web pages and fine tune accordingly.

This is a vital part in digital marketing to collect the data and understand what the visitors are exactly looking at, the keyword search used to reach you, what devices they are using and so on.

Talk to our digital specialist today for a free consultation and ideas on how you can utilize online marketing to reach out and increase your branding now.

Mobile Responsive


With mobile devices users increasingly exponentially in recent years, The growth of mobile internet usage is also far out pacing desktop usage growth. It is also very common now that anyone in Singapore has more than 1 mobile devices with internet access at any given time.

Hence, with this growth in mobile users surfing the internet, we have to build a Responsive Web Design (RWD) suitable for all shape and screen size. RWD is specifically catered to focus on providing an intuitive experience for everyone, without excessive scrolling, and zooming in and out on the screen.

In recent years, Google had also made the shift to focus on Core Web Vitals for performance, Relevancy, and Mobile Friendliness, keep us engaged to ensure you are worry free from trying to keep up to date with Google’s ever changing algorithm.

SEO Packages

SEO Basic

Manages your existing content
$900 / month


    • Improvement of content font (e.g H1 tags)
    • Optimization of Page Speed, Image size & naming
    • Keyword, Title, Description optimization for individual pages
    • Monthly Keyword & Progress Reports


  • Site Audit & Fixes
  • CSS – Desktop & Mobile site optimization
  • Weekly Plugin Compatibility check & update
  • Reduce/Remove Javascript error, inline JS
  • Optimization of Robots.txt, Googlebot crawl
  • Sitemap setup with proper navigation structure

SEO Advanced

iTechStudio crafted internal SEO checklist
(Page 1 Rank 1 for highly competitive keywords)

$1,800 / month


Google Integration & Add-On Services

  • Key Phrases research and selection
  • Integration with Google services and social media
  • Predictive Keyword Analysis
  • Google Analytic for site statistics and conversion tracking
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager


  • Compare & Monitor progress with other competitors
  • Monthly Progress update
  • Monthly Report
  • On-going SEO optimization on monthly basis based on Google’s SEO Checklist

SEO Comprehensive

Outsource your marketing team
From $2,600 / month (customisation)

SEO Focused Post

    • Customized content creation, strategy and copywriting from SEO point of view

Keywords Optimized Tracking

  • For long tail keywords to capture comprehensive keywords with low- mid keyword search volume
  • Based on Trend, articles can be produced on a quick basis for highest impressions. E.g new government policies introduced, an article can quickly be written to ride the wave and lead to conversions
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis
  • Localized / Global search
  • Backlink outreach to relevant high DA