IT Related Courses (Currently Not Available)

With the world digitalising at a rapid pace, it is very useful to learn skills that can be applied in the real world, be it for automation or to reduce the amount of manual work required.
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With the increasing reliance on IT technology products in recent years due to covid-19, many companies have issues where their staff might not be able to cope with the latest technology, unsure of how IT can help improve their business, and more. We have held various workshops before the application of SkillsFuture to benefit SMEs in term of how certain workflow can be changed to utilize certain IT softwares/ applications to increase productivity and reduce cost for the companies.

Now, with SkillsFuture accreditation , we hope to reach out to more SMEs, as well as to the public with some basic courses where they can improve their IT knowledge and as an add-on advantage for them to utilize in other companies they might go to in the future.