What is next after my website is up

Is business website necessary?
December 12, 2017

What is next after my website is up

After weeks of website development, you have finalized the changes and you are satisfied to publish it live.

Now, a few questions you might ask is,  “How do i get more people to view my website?“, “How do i maintain my website

A website is the best passive way to do 24/7 marketing. However at the start, many people may not know of your website URL, hence there is a lot to be done.

Here are some things that you can start working on, concurrently.

  1. Search Engine Optimization so google can rank your page higher
  2. Bring up your website with related keywords of your products
  3. Regular site statistic report to know what works and what not
  4. Building up links to your website
  5. Updating fresh new content regularly to keep customers coming back
  6. Online Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing
  7. Security, Performance Maintenance
  8. Inform your existing customers
  9. Etc.

There are many things to do regularly in order to keep a website going, one particular problem i realized is companies website are not doing any of the above. especially to update new contents and security updates, leading to recent cases of increase in website hacked.


Many companies do not have a dedicated marketing staff/team to manage their marketing procedures. Hence we would recommend clients to let us take over their online marketing, so they can focus on handling the enquiries.

iTechStudio aims to provide these services to you at a reasonable monthly subscription rate, to get your website business visitors higher as time go by, adapting to the current market trend, social media trend, keywords.

Do let us extend our services to you and you can decide if it is useful for your business growth.

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