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Online Marketing


Just by googling Youtube statistics – 2017, you will be amazed at how Effective Marketing revolves a lot around Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online marketing. With the future of content marketing expecting to be mainly video marketing by 2019, projected to claim more than 80% of web traffic.

Distributing Flyers at Housing Estates and offices and slowly diminishing due to the great amount of effort, manpower, time, and capital required to raise your business brand awareness. Instead, for lesser than the amount spent, just by preparing a decent video marketing and strategy, along with some digital marketing can get your company much more awareness then the brochures which are often thrown back to the bin or as rough paper.

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Mobile Responsive


With mobile devices users increasingly exponentially in recent years, The growth of mobile internet usage is also far out pacing desktop usage growth. It is also very common now that anyone in Singapore has more than 1 mobile devices with internet access at any given time.

Hence, with this growth in mobile users surfing the internet, we have to build a Responsive Web Design (RWD) suitable for all shape and screen size. RWD is specifically catered to focus on providing an intuitive experience for everyone, without excessive scrolling, and zooming in and out on the screen.

Analytics & Data


Coupled with Google’s web analytics and other SEO (Search engine optimization) tools, you will be able to measure the performance of your webpages and fine tune accordingly.

This is a vital part in digital marketing to collect the data and understand what the visitors are exactly looking at, the keyword search used to reach you, what devices they are using and so on.

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